[Samba] displayName vs. cn

Beschorner Daniel Daniel.Beschorner at facton.com
Tue Oct 11 14:03:45 GMT 2005

| In 3.0.20a/ldapsam the Usrmgr shows in the all users
| view the displayName attribute as full name, but in the
| user properties view the cn attribute. Seems a little
| bit inconsistent to me, shouldn't be the algorithm to
| retrieve the full name always the same?

> Is this different from 3.0.20?  Or just <3.0.20 versions?
> And to clarify, you have both the displayName and cn attribute
> in a user account entry right?

With 3.0.14 it was different, all our users got full names. I didn't try
3.0.20, but can do if necessary.

Because of this change I realized how poorly our displayNames are maintained
(only 5 of 150 users), in fact since 3.0.20a most users doesn't have a full
name any longer in the user list.
In user details (and for instance in Windows login information after
Ctrl+Alt+Del) they still have.
Both entries in Usrmgr claim to have the full name, but they differ.

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