[SOLVED] Re: [Samba] synchronise time

Patrick DUBAU patrick.dubau at alsace.iufm.fr
Tue Oct 11 13:40:50 GMT 2005

Thanks for all your answers.
I found another way to solve my problem
I use cpau.exe found at http://www.joeware.net/win/free/tools/cpau.htm
First step : create an encrypt file by the following command (execute on 
c:\ -because on netwotk drive it won't work) :
cpau.exe –u iufm\administrator –p xxxx -ex « net time \\admin /set /yes 
» -file setime.txt –enc

Second step : copy cpau.exe and setile.txt files in netlogon directory 
and execute that file each time a station connects at network by placing 
the following line in logon.bat script
cpau.exe -file \\admin\netlogon\setime.txt –dec

Tomasz Chmielewski a écrit :

> kent at mail.wareham.mec.edu schrieb:
>> Hello,
>> This is new to me (WPKG). I started to use a product that I had to 
>> pay for
>> to switch users. Tell me more if you can. I've started looking at the 
>> web
>> site documentation.
> WPKG is just "something" that can run commands when the system boots 
> (or using windows equivalent to cron).
> It can be used to run simple commands (like time syncing) each time 
> the workstation is booted, one time only (i.e. to remove some 
> directories, change permissions, add registry entries), run installers 
> to install applications (i.e. Firefox, Office etc.) - and it will 
> track if the application was installed successfully etc.
> Just try to use it, and if you have any problems, subscribe to wpkg 
> mailing list, I'll try to help.

Patrick DUBAU
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