[Samba] Samba not obeying locking = no from smb.conf file

StarQuake starquake at tiscali.nl
Tue Oct 11 11:59:00 GMT 2005

I have the following share in my smb.conf :

     comment = Samba server's CD-ROM
     writable = no
     locking = no
     path = /media/cdrecorder
     public = yes

When I go to that share from a Windows workstation it does still lock as 
you can see:
[root at pc843 ~]# lsof | grep cdrecorder
smbd      9647    root   20w      DIR       22,0       2048       1792 
smbd      9647    root   27r      DIR       22,0       2048       1792 

This prohibits me of ejecting my cdrom when someone's browsing it.

I have version 3.0.14a-2

Is this a bug or expected behavior?

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