[Samba] installing samba on fedora 3

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Tue Oct 11 13:22:14 GMT 2005

> Please could someone help guide me through installing samba 
> on fedora 3.
> First I would like to clear my system of previously 
> (incorrectly) installed
> samba programs (there may be duplicates...) How can I do 
> this? I had tried
> following web guides but only to make a mess of my system; I 
> dont think they
> are appropriate for fedora 3.
> I have been told to use rpm, but know nothing of possible sources or
> commands.

Yes, use rpm on an rpm based system unless you are knowlegeable to know
where things are going to go and how to fix them.  You might have a long
task to get rid of the old versions depending on how many you tried and how
you put them in.  How many did you try?  How did you install them? 

For all of your rpm info:
man rpm

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