[Samba] problem with roaming profiles

Siim Kobin linux at kobin.ee
Tue Oct 11 10:35:58 GMT 2005

i'm using samba version 3.0.9-2.6-SUSE on suse 9.1 platform with about 40 
clients both win XP SP2 and win 2000 SP4 and over 200 users. My problem is 
with win xp roaming profiles. It caches profiles onto local drive and every 
time user logs off it starts to synchronize users profile. If there are more 
than one profiles cached it tries to synchronize all of them and asks 
username and password for each cached profile.

I have set the registry key to delete roaming profiles and it does so, but 
when user does not log off correctly for some reason (power cut or reset 
button is too attempting ) it still caches his profile. i have many dumbusers 
around and in a month there are over 15 profiles in each computer wanting to 

Is there a way to disable this synchronize? 

PS! profiles can be deleted.. users need their accounts just for internet, msn 
and printing. 

Siim Kobin

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