[Samba] Samba 3.0 PDC + XP + roaming profile = big, strange mistery of sorts

Louis van Belle louis at van-belle.nl
Tue Oct 11 06:48:18 GMT 2005


This seems familuar to me.. 
>Now, here comes the real problem:
>- The user can now log on, except that all of Windows' settings were 
>gone, and back to the default.
>- The profile *was* downloaded to the local machine, and all the files 
>were present, but it acted as if the registry somehow wasn't present.
>- Even after redoing some configuration, on logging off, even though 
>some files in the roaming profile were updated in the server 
>included), logging in again produced the same problem.
>- Deleted all local copies of the profile. Same thing. I 
>always reverted 
>to a known-good copy of the profile between tests.
>- Checked permissions on the local copy of the profile. 
>Permissions were 
>OK, the domain user had the full control over his local 
>profile directory.
>- Out of spite, said machine was reformatted. Problem repeated itself 
>and remained. Note: said machine has no different 
>configuration from any 
>other; the user also has a regular roaming profile like anyone else.

Do you have the setting POFILES ACL = YES .. set it to NO.
I had the same problem as above and this resolved it for me.

can you post you config of the [profiles]


>I'm now out of a total loss of ideas. jerry @ freenode (Jeremy 
>even helped out a bit, but I couldn't get anywhere, even after trying 
>lots of things.
>Now, something tells me that this has something to do with domain SIDs 
>or the like (of which I have little knowledge, I know what 
>they are, but 
>I'm not savvy enough to go around investigating them). I even deleted 
>secrets.tdb so that Samba would recreate it, which wasn't a 
>smart move, 
>as I came to learn, but will most likely come to no harm (I hope).
>I'd like to know two things, and I'll take any suggestions 
>that I can get.
>a) The cause, so that I know why this happens, and I can avoid 
>it later.
>b) The solution, obviously. I've been delaying other work because of 
>this and my brain now feels like jelly because of bashing my head 
>against the table :(
>Hopeful for some insight on this,
>Bruno Ferreira
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