[Samba] Poor performance between linux boxes using Samba 3

Roger Lucas roger at planbit.co.uk
Mon Oct 10 22:31:06 GMT 2005

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the info.  I ran another test with a 100MB file as below:

	mount -t smbfs //machineb/share /mnt/machineb ....
	cp test-100mb.dat /mnt/machineb/test1.dat
	umount /mnt/machineb

The above copy took 60 seconds.

	mount -t cifs //machineb/share /mnt/machineb ....
	cp test-100mb.dat /mnt/machineb/test2.dat
	umount /mnt/machineb

This copy took just 20 seconds.

I am running kernel 2.6.8 which apparently has CIFS built in.

I am amazed by the performance increase, so CIFS definitely seems the way to
go.  Is there a deep reason for why this is, as CIFS seems to be part of the
SAMBA team (http://linux-cifs.samba.org/) so it seems weird that they have
both the smbclient and CIFS client with such massive performance

Thanks again,


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On Mon, Oct 10, 2005 at 07:22:45PM +0100, Roger Lucas wrote:
> I mean "TCP" not "TFTP" in the mail.  All hail the automatic
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> I have a network with two machines on it, both running Debian and updated
> with the latest Debian stable samba (3.0.14).  Both machines are
> high spec (512MB RAM and Athlon 2200+ processors) and have little else
> running (console mode, no KDE/Gnome/etc).  They are connected by a Netgear
> FS108 100-Base-T ethernet switch.
> When I try to copy a large file (500MB) from machine A to machine B using
> FTP (Machine B running vsftpd) then I get 9.5 MB/sec throughput, so my
> 100-base-T network is running at full speed and full duplex, as I would
> expect.
> When I instead try to copy the same file from machine A to machine B using
> FTP (Machine A running "smbmount -t smbfs //machineb/share /mnt/machineb
> user=xxx,password=xxx") then I get much lower throughput - around 3

Can you try using Steve French's cifsfs client instead of smbfs. Steve
is actively maintaining cifsfs and is working on performance issues.


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