[Samba] 1GB File Size Limit on Samba?

Vickie L. Kidder vlkidder at TABASCO.com
Mon Oct 10 21:40:39 GMT 2005

I have a problem copying and creating files from WindowsXP to a Samba 
share on AIX 5.2 server.

When copying a file using Windows Explorer to the share, it gives the 
message "Cannot copy <filename>: There is not enough free disk space.  "
When creating a file using Windows Backup to the share, backup stops when 
the file is just under 1GB.

The AIX 5.2.0 filesystem where the share is located has 16 GB of free 
space and is large-file enabled Journaled File System, which will allow 
files > 2GB.  The filesize ulimit for root and user is set to unlimted.

Based on the AIX configuration,  I am able to do the following with no 
1)  FTP file > 1GB from C: directly to the AIX server (not to Samba 
2)  Copy file >1 GB from the Samba share to PC's C:\ drive.

Failure only occurs when copying TO a Samba share within Windows.

Is there any known Samba issue/bug that would limit filesize to < 1GB?

Vickie Kidder
Information Systems
McIlhenny Company
(337) 373-6126
vlkidder at TABASCO.com

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