[Samba] Samba.. not worth a f*** for printing

mwestern at sola.com.au mwestern at sola.com.au
Mon Oct 10 03:30:24 GMT 2005

Gotta love these people that appreciate all the effort the developers
put in when clearly they are click and grunt experts who can't be
bothered reading a manual.

We got samba going and migrated a test bunch towards it printing on
about 60 printers.   HP drivers work a treat when it came to setting our
A4 size paper but some printer drivers like Panasonic and Epson have
crappy setup.exe routines to install drivers and the setting of the
paper size was in some bizzare non standard place.  Not to mention
Toshiba network copier drivers that were plain ugly.

After a 12 month trial we decided we couldn't be bothered with it and
went windows 2003 server for our printing solution.  At the time of
trial we were sick and tired of Windows NT printing 'support'.

If you only have decent HP printers then it would have worked fine.

Still think the samba developers are amazing to have reverse engineered
the network traffic and built it from that.  Good on ya lads!


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> I have had it.. I have come to the butt-ugly conclusion that 
> samba is nothing more than a clusterf**k for cross platform 
> printing. I have been trying for 2 years to talk between my 
> windows and linux printers to no avail. I am convinced now 
> that despite my numerous requests from this group, even, that 
> there isn't a sole who knows how to get samba printing to work.
> I am going to have to be happy with drive sharing and call it good. 
> Until a (hopefully) better environemnt arrives on the 
> networking scene.
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