[Samba] About the group setting in smb.conf.

=?gb2312?B?TGl1LCBIb25nIFF1YW4gwfW67Miq?= liuhongquan at nwbsc.com
Mon Oct 10 02:19:13 GMT 2005


This is my first time to configure Samba server as a member server in AD =

So, I have a question about how to configure a group name with one or =
more spaces in smb.conf?

As we know, this kind of group names are very common in Windows =

For example, set =A1=B0valid users=A1=B1 parameter:

Usually , a name starting with @ is represented group,=20

   valid users =3D username, @GroupName,=A1=AD

But if the group name includes spaces, e.g. =A1=B0it dept=A1=B1, =
=A1=B0sales dept=A1=B1,

How can I set them correctly?

(I set them as @=A1=B1it dept=A1=B1, but the winbind log file tells me =
=A1=B0group it dept in domain XXXX does not exist=A1=B1,

But I can list this group using wbinfo =A8Cg)

Wish someone give me a advice!

Thanks in advance!


Best Regards!

Liu hongquan


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