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Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at
Fri Oct 7 19:42:39 GMT 2005

Gerald (Jerry) Carter schrieb:
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> Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
>>Gerald (Jerry) Carter schrieb:
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>>>Craig White wrote:
>>>>I wonder if having some sort of wiki on samba web site wouldn't be
>>>>useful for things like logon scripts and registry settings to be
>>>>shared/discussed so they had their own longevity and current
>>>>appropriateness as email archives don't often reflect the changing
>>>>nature of things and sometimes the samba documentation has different
>>>We've talked about it before but there is a fear that a
>>>wiki would turn into a propogation mechanism for Samba
>>>urban legends.  Someone (or a team of people) would need
>>>act as editors.  Truthfully, if it were done right, it
>>>would be probably be a good thing.  But if it weren't
>>>it would be a really bad thing.
>>>It's definitley too much for the developers to take on.
>>IMHO Samba wiki could be a great source of info for both new and
>>advanced users.
>>Why should Samba wiki turn into something bad, if lots of other open
>>source projects have wikis too, and they are useful?
> :-) We have a tremendous amount of urban legend on this list.
> Just count the number of times someone as suggested the
> sign-n-seal registry file for XP clients using a Samba 3.0.x
> server.

baah, some time ago I asked the same question :) when I couldn't join XP 
machines to the domain (where Windows 2000 was working fine) - I spent a 
couple of hours trying to figure out what's wrong (some old wins.dat / 
browse.dat on that test server was the cause).

> But we have at least one volunteer, Craig.  And I told him I
> would look into it.  So we'll see what happens.  Anyone else
> interested in monitoring/editing a wiki to ensure accurate
> information?

that's the whole beauty of wiki (at least mediawiki I used, and which is 
used by

- you can easily see "recent changes" (new pages/articles, changes on 
pages, who made them etc.)

- you can easily compare changes (i.e. compare the state of an 
article/page we have now with the state we had previously) - so it's 
just a matter of seconds to spot if someone posted crap or something 

I think the most important thing (and the hardest, too) would be to 
design good categories to post articles in (some articles would be of 
course in multiple categories), like:

- different Samba versions (2, 3, 4...)
- backends
- printing
- configuration
- installation


Basically, lots of categories could come from Samba HOWTO, but wouldn't 
be just the articles copied/pasted from the HOWTO, but something posted 
by the users, and eventually commented, corrected etc.

I could imagine myself commenting the sign'n'seal hack :)

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