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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Fri Oct 7 16:15:01 GMT 2005

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Craig White wrote:

> I wonder if having some sort of wiki on samba web site wouldn't be
> useful for things like logon scripts and registry settings to be
> shared/discussed so they had their own longevity and current
> appropriateness as email archives don't often reflect the changing
> nature of things and sometimes the samba documentation has different
> objectives.

We've talked about it before but there is a fear that a
wiki would turn into a propogation mechanism for Samba
urban legends.  Someone (or a team of people) would need
act as editors.  Truthfully, if it were done right, it
would be probably be a good thing.  But if it weren't
it would be a really bad thing.

It's definitley too much for the developers to take on.

cheers, jerry
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