[Samba] several domain, one ldap sam

Pierre Gambarotto pierre.gambarotto at enseeiht.fr
Fri Oct 7 07:41:29 GMT 2005


I currently use a pdc samba with a ldap base for the users.

I would like to add another domain, but keep the same user base.

The problem is :
In the ldap record, the user has a sambasid and a sambaprimarygroupsid.
If I am correct, those samba identifiers are built from the domain  
SID and the user's idnumber and
gidnumber, at the creation of the record.

And then it is impossible to use the same LDAP sam for several domains.

Is there a solution to this problem ?

For instance, a configuration that tells the samba server to  
dynamically build
sambaprimarygroupsid and sambasid ?

Thanks in advance for your insights


P.S : and again, I'm sorry for my so bad english

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