[Samba] Re: what's the best filesystem

Tobias Bluhm tobias.bluhm at philips.com
Thu Oct 6 13:10:19 GMT 2005

I gotta put my vote in for ext3. While it is slower than the other fs's:

- It's robust. I've researched this & it seems you can bash ext3/2 pretty 
hard & still recover data. I saw too many stories of lost data on the 
other fs's for my liking.

- It's fully supported. ACL, xattr, quota, LVM snapshots, shrink, grow, 
mount unjournaled, etc. xfs is a port from IRIX, jfs seems to have only a 
partial feature set, reiserfs seems to be made for one thing - a sh*tload 
of small files.

- It's widely supported. It's the standard fs for Linux. 

As with just about anything, fast hardware, plenty of RAM & proper tuning 
will get the most out of your system. Why not setup various tests for 
yourself - we've used iometer ( www.iometer.org ) recently. My little 
hodge-podge of hardware made out fairly well against the "enterprise" 
systems here.

Just my 2 cents serving ~ 2TB of ext3 on LVM on sw raid over NFS & Samba.
Disclaimer: I could be very wrong about the current status of things 
outside my little world.

toby bluhm
philips medical systems, cleveland ohio
tobias.bluhm at philips.com

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[Samba] Re: what's the best filesystem

Actually, I am setting up an Ubuntu 5.04 box tomorrow as a Samba server 
(right after I figure out how to disable the raid controller).  Do you 
suggest xfs?  I've been reading this thread and people seem positive on 
it, but are there negatives as well?


James Peach wrote:
> On 10/6/05, Eric A. Hall <ehall at ehsco.com> wrote:
>>On 10/4/2005 7:17 PM, mourik jan c heupink wrote:
>>>I like xfs, specially with quota. (and using acl's here as well)
>>>with xfs you never have to run the check_quota (or whatever the command
>>>is...) This makes a rebooting after a crash *much* faster.
>>that was one of the things I liked about, and replaying the journal was
>>nice too.
>>one of the problems I had a couple of years back was that it wasn't
>>bootable (had to boot a mini-kernel off a fat partition, then load the 
>>modules). they've fixed that buy now I assume.
> That might depend on yr distro. I've used XFS root partitions on
> Ubuntu 5.04, SLES9 and OpenSUSE without any problems.
> --
> James Peach | jorgar at gmail.com

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