[Samba] Master browser? Confusion!

Simon Leung skmleung at hkucc.hku.hk
Thu Oct 6 01:10:22 GMT 2005

Hi there,

I have samba 3.0.20a running with winbind as DC (security = user) (say
DomainA), I have another Windows domain (DomainB). I can see the correct
master browser in DomainA from "smbclient -L \\localhost -N", can resolve
the netbios name by nslookup and ping.

Then I setup the trust as stated in the How-To from DomainA "net rpc
trustdom establish DomainB", then password.
I was prompted with this:
Could not connect to server DomainB-server
Trust to domain DomainB established

but I can list users/groups in DomainB by "wbinfo -u or -g"

Ant ideas?



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