[Samba] Replace NT 4.0 with Samba PDC but keep PC WINS *Advice*

Eric Feldhusen efeldhusen at chartermi.net
Tue Oct 4 21:09:05 GMT 2005

I'd highly recommend "Samba HOW-TO and Reference Guide" and "Samba 3 by 
Example" for both questions below.  "By example" starts with building a 
samba server for a small workgroup, and then takes that example and 
builds on it.  The "HOW-To and Reference Guide" is THE how-to and 
reference (yes, very clever on the title, aren't they?).  You can 
download both documents at http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/ in PDF or 
html format for free or purchase the print editions at any online 
store.. ie, Amazon, Bookpool, etc...

For the question regarding WINS, your samba server can be a WINS server 
  or connect to a WINS server, see Chapter 9, section 5 of the HOW-TO. 
For conversion from a winnt PDC to samba PDC, see Chapter 34 of the 
HOW-TO.  I've converted several winnt PDC to samba PDC.  The key 
information isn't knowing samba, it's really understanding how a NT PDC 
works, if you're not sure, that's going to make it more difficult.  But 
it can be done, quite easily.

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allmoto allmoto wrote:
> Yes, you can use samba as a PDC, and use another
> server as a wins server, but due to complications and
> very little and confussing documentation, and very
> little resources on using samba as a PDC, i wouldnt
> migrate that kind of network structure to depend on a
> samba as a pdc, im just trying to do the same for a
> small network of 11 pcs and im still fighting to do
> so, im not sure thats a good idea.
> But, this is only my opinion.
> James. 
>  --- SAMBA <SAMBA at arkansasurology.com> escribió:
>> I am in the process of researching and testing SAMBA
>> as a PDC. 
>> The only thing I am uncertain about is that our
>> billing scheduling system is running WINS and our
>> 110 pc's are configured to use it for wins
>> resolution. I would like to leave WINS on that
>> system but can it coexist with a SAMBA server acting
>> as PDC
>> but not doing WINS? 
>> I will be replacing an NT 4.0 PDC which has operated
>> with only one problem in 6 years with SAMBA. That
>> being said it hasn't been heavily used.
>> Step  1  I plan to bring up another NT 4.0 BDC on
>> the network and after it replicates the information
>> from the PDC take it off the network and place it in
>> my lab network. 
>> Step 2   Then promote it to a PDC and test the
>> migration steps in the lab. 
>> Step 3   I would like to just give the new SAMBA PDC
>> the IP of the current PDC and replace it. 
>> Does this seem reasonable? 
>> Any advice much appreciated!
>> Thank you,
>> Iain

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