[Samba] rpcclient 'setdriver' problem

manic720 at netscape.net manic720 at netscape.net
Tue Oct 4 20:55:34 GMT 2005

I'm new to Samba but I believe I have followed the example pages and 
posts to the point where I'm stumped.  I'm trying to setup a print 
server that acts as a raw print spooler to a few network printers I 
have for Windows machines.  I twould be nice to have the Samba server 
provide the print drivers for the windows boxes when they browse the 
neighborhood for the device.   I have CUPS and Samba installed 
correctly, and can print via IPP from a windows box.  I can see the 
file and print shares and the Samba server from a windows box.  From 
rpcclient, I have installed the print driver for the printer using the 
'adddriver' command.  I can see my printers in 'enumprinters', and can 
see the driver from 'enumdrivers'.  The problem is when I go try the 
'setdriver' command.  It fails with a "WERR_ACCESS_DENIED".  I've 
looked at the debug from this command but nothing pops out at me.  Any 
advice would be appreciated.  I have verified that the 'use client 
driver = no' is set in the smb.conf thinking that might be an issue. 
I'm logged in under rpcclient as root so I'm not what access it's 
referring too.

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