[Samba] Replace NT 4.0 with Samba PDC but keep PC WINS *Advice*

SAMBA SAMBA at arkansasurology.com
Tue Oct 4 20:10:20 GMT 2005

I am in the process of researching and testing SAMBA as a PDC. 

The only thing I am uncertain about is that our billing scheduling system is running WINS and our 110 pc's are configured to use it for wins resolution. I would like to leave WINS on that system but can it coexist with a SAMBA server acting as PDC
but not doing WINS? 

I will be replacing an NT 4.0 PDC which has operated with only one problem in 6 years with SAMBA. That being said it hasn't been heavily used.

Step  1  I plan to bring up another NT 4.0 BDC on the network and after it replicates the information from the PDC take it off the network and place it in my lab network. 

Step 2   Then promote it to a PDC and test the migration steps in the lab. 

Step 3   I would like to just give the new SAMBA PDC the IP of the current PDC and replace it. 

Does this seem reasonable? 

Any advice much appreciated!

Thank you,

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