[Samba] AD authentication

Lorenzo Tan ltan at Bosco.org
Tue Oct 4 17:47:28 GMT 2005

I'm having trouble getting users to authenticate to my samba file server
(running FreeBSD 5.4). I am able to view users on Active Directory from
BSD via LDAP, kerberos appears to be working properly and I have
nsswitch.conf point to ldap as well. I think my problem is with the pam
config files. I have not changed them yet and I'm a little hesitant to
because the last time I tried changing the pam modules, I locked myself
out of my machine. If this what my problem is, can someone give me an
example of what the pam modules should look like? If there's something
else I've left out, please let me know. I just need some direction.

Side note: I was able to get my samba server to work when I used winbind
however, I had to create local copies of all the accounts. I've been
told that winbind is not needed to get this to work and that I can just
have everything point to LDAP and then have LDAP point to AD.

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