[Samba] Windows cache session used while PDC reachable

Jerome Tournier jtournier at idealx.com
Tue Oct 4 13:00:57 GMT 2005

i've aleady asked this question, but i still have the problem and
found no solution :
I'm using samba3.0.7 (RedHat AS3U4) and get the following behavior:
1) i have a win2000 workstation on my samba server with an account created.
2) i can log on the workstation. Windows cache session is enable (i
can't change this).
3) i change the account password of the user directly on the server (with
  smbldap-passwd for example)
4) i log on the workstation with the old password (which is wrong now)
5) connection succeeded (with windows cache session i imagine), but
the sambabadpasswordcount is set to 5 !
How can this happend ? I thought that the cache session was used by
Windows only when the domain controller can't be reached, am i wrong ?
Why sambabadpasswordcount could jump from 0 to 5 ? Is they a way to
resolve this ?
Thanks a lot.

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