[Samba] Win98 profiles are not loaded from Samba

Pinel Nutzer pinel.nutzer at gmx.de
Tue Oct 4 10:16:12 GMT 2005


I have got a problem with the installation of SAMBA. As I am a beginner 
in SAMBA installations, I hope somebody can help me. I use the SAMBA 
version of SuSe 9.3 and I try to connect several Windows 98 clients to 
the Samba server. My problem is:

1.  I have created a new Linux / Samba user.

2. I log on with this account on a Windows 98 client, then I install a 
network drive and I log out. When logging out, the profile is transfered 
to the samba server.

3. When I now log on from another client with this account, I can not 
find any trace of that profile which was saved, although data was 
transfered between Samba and the client: The networt drive does not 
exist, the favourites in MSIE we not token, an the file "Eigene Dateien" 
(private data) was not token.

I have tried out many things with control panel->user and control 
panel->passwords, but this did not solve the problem.

I suppose that a simple configuration might be the problem, but I don't 
know what that could be. It would be great, if anybody out there could 
help me.

Thanks alot,


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