[Samba] Does Samba configured with "--with-nisplus-home" mount users' homes in LDAP?

Harmon, Leigh lharmo02 at harris.com
Mon Oct 3 22:40:50 GMT 2005

My environment is moving from using NIS+ as a naming service for Unix
systems to LDAP as the naming service.  The Samba server was configured
using both "--with-automount" and "--with-nisplus-home".  The server is
only used to mount users' homes (must have a Unix account) as well as
data shares for users who don't have Unix clients (Only PCs).  No really
advanced configurations.  My question is: will the samba server mount
users' homes when it becomes an LDAP client instead of a NIS+ client?

I have setup an LDAP client Samba test server and it appears to mount
users' homes correctly.  After setting the log level higher, it appears
to look for an auto_home entry and if it doesn't have one then it fails
(If it has an entry it works).  How does this work when compiled with
"--with-nisplus-home"?  Does it do an LDAP query of the auto_home
container, or is it using the automount tables to look for the home?


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