[Samba] large smb.conf file

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Oct 3 21:24:55 GMT 2005

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Nathan Vidican wrote:
> I don't personally know of a way myself, but I think it would be of
> great value to be able to remove the share definition from the main
> smb.conf file, and maintain them in some sort of database.
> It would at the very least minimize the startup time in reading the
> configuration file but perhaps complicate smbd process startups by
> requiring a db connection of some sort; this is admittedly above and
> beyond my abilities to start/debug/design/debate, so I thought I might
> just pass on the idea to the list.

We've considered having the parent smbd re-parse the configuration
file into a tdb and the send a message to all the children that
it the configuration changed.  At this point we could maintain
a timestamp on a per service basis.  Or maybe even remove the need
for the in memory services array altogether.

The main design hurdle is variable substitution.

cheers, jerry
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