[Samba] large smb.conf file

Nathan Vidican nvidican at wmptl.com
Mon Oct 3 20:20:40 GMT 2005

I don't personally know of a way myself, but I think it would be of 
great value to be able to remove the share definition from the main 
smb.conf file, and maintain them in some sort of database.

It would at the very least minimize the startup time in reading the 
configuration file but perhaps complicate smbd process startups by 
requiring a db connection of some sort; this is admittedly above and 
beyond my abilities to start/debug/design/debate, so I thought I might 
just pass on the idea to the list.

Travis Knabe wrote:
> I have about 5000 distinct shares defined in my smb.conf file.  As you can imagine it's quite large.
> Everyone once in awhile all the smbd daemons ( in top ) go to a run state and pretty much bring the system to a halt.  The system is WAY oversized.  99.999% of the day samba runs fine.  We _THINK_ we've narrowed down the times when the smbd processes go crazy to a time when we're updating the smb.conf file.  Does this sound reasonable?  Is there a better way to create the neccessary shares?
> Thanks
> Travis
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