[Samba] NET RPC calls fails

Henrik Zagerholm henke at mac.se
Mon Oct 3 13:17:59 GMT 2005

You are right.
I running 3.0.20 and not the latest "a" version.

I did a portupgrade but I noticed that the freebsd portstree was not  
updated with the latest version.

I'll compile from source and try again.

I will report any solutions/problems that arise after the upgrade.

Thanks for the info so far!

3 okt 2005 kl. 14.29 skrev Jim McDonough:

>> In a domain environment running 3.0.3pre2 I have no problems shutting
>> down remote computers.
>> I now have a small environment with only 2 computers in a workgroup.
>> My samba server is running on a FreeBSD 5.4 box and my client is a
>> Win XP Pro SP2 box.
> Ok, I'm assuming this is a newer version of samba?  Can you tell us
> exactly which?
>> When I try to use net rpc shutdown -I -U Administrator i
>> get the response Remote shutdown failed and nothing happends.
> .....
>> In which logfile can I see more detailed info?
> Try adding -d 5 to the commandline, though I'll warn you you'll get  
> a lot
> of output to stderr.
> Two issues I've seen recently is that certain interim versions of  
> the code
> have simply a broken net rpc shutdown that was fixed recently by  
> Jerry,
> and also that with WinXP, especially if you're ever using remote  
> desktop,
> the return code 1271 (0x4f7) comes back, which says that the system is
> locked and can't be shutdown remotely except with the -f (force) flag.
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