[Samba] Domain name

test ya darwalost at sbcglobal.net
Sat Oct 1 23:52:08 GMT 2005

I have 2 server including the PDC. This is going to
grow to 4 servers total. I have one PDC and i have
1000+ user accounts setup. Logins work fine from all
computers. Currently I have 2 user groups one on each
server in order to reduce the load because I am using
old 300mhz computers. The problem that is see is that
when i login and decide to set permissions on the
samba "server" not the PDC while on a windows client
is that the under domain is gives the right domain
name but the userlist is in the form SERVER2/username
on the pdc files have the form DOMAIN/username. This
may not be a problem but would confuse any people that
wish to set their personal permissions on their files.
I could stop all these problems by running this server
as a nfs-server and just use the pdc as login/server 
to serve the files. Problem is this is a 1.5ghz and
that may be too much load on that machine. So any
advise would be appreciated.

Another problem I have is the that on the PDC the
there is only a few actual home directory's being
served and the bulk of home directories are on
different samba servers. The default action specified
on the PDC is for the windows computers to connect to
their home directory on H:. This is fine for the the
few that have their homes on the PDC but most dont.
Any advise on how to redirect the specific users to
their proper samba server. I guess login scripts is my
only option. Right?
Chris HHS-Tech

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