[Samba] smbmount can't take more than one option

initiators at free.fr initiators at free.fr
Sat Oct 1 22:26:39 GMT 2005


I have a problem with smbmount (3.0.14a, Debian Sarge, kernel 2.6.8-2).

I was using the following (on the command line, not /etc/fstab):
smbmount //myserver/myshare /mount/smbmount/ -o
credentials=~/smbcredentials, ro, codepage=cp850, iocharset=iso8859-15

and french caracters (éèà...) were not displayed correctly. I thought it
was a problem with the codepage and credentials options, but I noticed
the mount was read write.

If I type:
smbmount //myserver/myshare /mount/smbmount/ -o ro,
credentials=~/smbcredentials, codepage=cp850, iocharset=iso8859-15

I am asked for a password. smbmount doesn't take the second and
following options, and doesn't complain in case of errors in options.

If I type: smbmount //myserver/myshare /mount/smbmount/ -o fshkfhskfhk
I am just asked for a password.

How can I correct this and pass smbmount more than one option ?

Thanks in advance

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