[Samba] Reliability of samba

Kevin Dalley kevin at kelphead.org
Sat Oct 1 01:03:05 GMT 2005

When I mount samba partitions using smbmount on a Linux box under
/mnt/linnet_g and run this command:

              find /mnt/linnet_g/ -type f|xargs wc

I get a number of errors which look like this:

  wc: /mnt/linnet_g/analysis.lesion/b19o61/b61o19.9/b61o18.9-042303.332.cbin: Input/output error

What does this mean? The error is repeatable in a 

I am using samba-3.0.14a-6 on a Debian machine, with kernel 2.6.8.

How does smbclient handle the type of errors which produce these

I have seen a few explanations, but I can't find a really good
answer.  Perhaps a timeout on the Windows side.

Kevin Dalley
kevin at kelphead.org

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