[Samba] Guest account problem ... please help

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Wed Nov 30 23:42:08 GMT 2005

> Adam, I can delete the files with those force users - user.  UNIX
> "follows" the group, as it should and you would expect.

Ah, I see what you mean now by "following" the group.  I have a setup
here where although the groups are pulled from Active Directory, Samba
still "follows" the groups - i.e. the group permissions are honoured
for any user belonging to that group, whether it's their primary group
or not.

Given that you couldn't run "net status ..." before, what version of
Samba are you running?  My only guess now is that perhaps it's an older
version (I'm running 3.0.20)

It is strange though, that logging on with smbclient as the same user
would allow you to delete the file - if this is the case I'd start
looking at the Windows side of things, because it's unlikely to be
Samba at fault if smbclient works.

If you right-click on a folder, choose Properties, click Advanced and
then go to the Effective Permissions tab, what are the permissions
listed as for some of the users?  Note that I think write access is
required to delete files, since when I do this the "Delete access"
checkbox is unticked, yet I can still delete files.


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