[Samba] Trying to rejoin domain

Daniel Wirth dwirth at web.de
Wed Nov 30 21:16:35 GMT 2005

Hey there,

I got a huge problem rejoining my samba domain with one machine.
Accidently I removed the machine from the domain and now
I'm not able to rejoin it.
Everytime I try, W2K tells me something about it 
cannot join the domain because of unknown username or wrong password.
I used the root account for joining.

I already created a new trusted machine account for this machine
'cause I thought that was the problem. (old smbpasswd still there
as a backup)

I kind of remember we had the same problems with all machine swhen we 
initially installed the samba server (using Samba 3.0923), but I 
cannot remember how we fixed the issue...

Thanks so far!


Offensichtlich gehört ihr zu der Generation, die weder 
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