[Samba] Too slow to open shares.

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Nov 30 13:51:43 GMT 2005

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Juerlee (PLS CN) wrote:
| Hi,
| I have experienced a performance problem recently on
| Samba 3.0.21pre1.
| My server is configured running under 'user' mode, and
| I also created a share with guest access enabled. If
| there is an invalid entry in DNS setting, when I
| type \\server_ip_address, it is very slow to list the share,
| then I click on the share, it takes at least 2 minutes
| to open the share. After I simply removed that invalid
| DNS entry (say even I can not ping that name server) and
| then restarted the Samba service, everything worked fine.
| I checked the Samba configuration, after I set 'client
| use spnego' and 'use spnego' to 'No', then I restarted
| the Samba service again, everything worked fine
| even the invalid DNS entry exists.

M<y suggestion is to grab a network trace using ethereal
and see what the traffic looks like.

cheers, jerry
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