[SOLVED] [Samba] home folders query

John Halfpenny jhalfpenny at excite.com
Wed Nov 30 11:14:22 GMT 2005

hi again, and thanks for replying

i've got it up and running now- unfortunately one of the windows machines i was testing it with has cost me a couple of hours as it just kept hanging. a fresh install worked straight away- grrr!

it seemed to prefer my security setting to be domain, but of course as the machine was messing me about i'm not sure if that's necessary or not.

still, seems to have done the trick, and seems cleaner than using nfs via samba to get to the home folders. :-)


 --- On Wed 11/30, Strebel, Franz R. < strebelf at who.int > wrote:
From: Strebel, Franz R. [mailto: strebelf at who.int]
To: jhalfpenny at excite.com, samba at lists.samba.org
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 09:08:40 +0100
Subject: RE: [Samba] home folders query

there should be no problem setting up home folders on a non-pdc<br>samba server.  i have such a setup and it works without any problems.<br><br>as long as you get account authentication working between the file <br>server and the pdc, it should work.  check out the special share [homes]<br><br>in the samba documentation.<br><br>good luck.<br><br>/franz<br>

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