[Samba] NT clients syncronyzing in a Samba PDC Domain

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Wed Nov 30 10:46:37 GMT 2005

Joel Franco Guzmán schrieb:

>No, i think...
>The instalation is standard with classic components like Office, Outlook Express, etc..
>The "synchronizing" window (at logoff) appears strongly be of Windows
>Thank You,
if redirected some folder ( ie "eigene Dateien"...in German. somting 
like own files in Englisch ) the default behavior for
win xp to sync this folder , this is different to win 2000  , win xp 
ignores the samba parameter not to do sync in this case, you can stop
this by setting this with either an adm group policy local on the 
winclient or ntconfig.pol ( netlogon share ) and poledit for the 
winclients computer name and a adm )
But other reasons for sync are possible too, but this one makes me 
really wonder cause this change from win 2000 to xp was not documented 
by m$ at my

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