[Samba] Create rpm for Mandriva of Samba 3.0.21rc1 ?

Noc Phibee noc at phibee.net
Tue Nov 29 18:55:40 GMT 2005


i want create the rpm of the 3.0.21rc1 release for my Mandriva.

i have used the same spec of 3.0.20b but i have a small problems :

Requires: perl-base >= 2:5.8.5 perl-base perl(Crypt::SmbHash) 
perl(Digest::MD5) perl(Digest::SHA1) perl(Exporter) perl(FindBin) 
perl(Getopt::Long) perl(Getopt::Std) perl(MIME::Base64) perl(Net::LDAP) 
Conflicts: smbldap-tools > 0.9.1 samba-server < 3.0.11-1mdk

Erreur de construction de RPM:

     This rpm has build options available, use --with options to see them

    Fichier non trouvé: /var/tmp/samba-3.0.21-root/usr/bin/smbget3
    Fichier non trouvé par la substitution: 

anyone have a idea ?


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