[Samba] Loging onto a windows ads domain with group restrictions

Dalton Calford dcalford at distributel.ca
Tue Nov 29 14:51:36 GMT 2005

I am having some difficulty and any help would be appreciated.

I am using Xandros Business edition version 3.
I am able to log onto the linux box using my corporate domain user name 
and id (only root has a local account on the box).

The difficulty is that we restrict user access depending upon thier 
rights on the domain.

The linux box, will authenticate any domain user and allow them onto the 

We have a group on the domain, "LINUX" and we have 3 users in that group.

What steps do I have to perform to ensure that only the three members of 
the "LINUX" group can log onto the linux box and that all other users 
are denied access to the linux box?

best regards


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