[Samba] NT/UNIX username mapping possible directly via tdbsam?

Dominik Schuppli dom at rave.ch
Tue Nov 29 12:00:50 GMT 2005

"Craig White" <craigwhite at azapple.com> said:
> Install 'Services for Unix' on your Windows system so they can have the
> benefit of mapping Unix users to Windows users...at least that's what it
> seems that you are trying to do.

Hi Craig,

At a first glance at SFU, it seems like it only maps usernames for NFS
file sharing (but I might well be wrong). Also, I was hoping that the
Samba server could do the name mapping itself, instead of leaving it to
all the clients connecting to it.

Anyway, thanks for the pointer, I will definitely have a closer look.

-- Dominik

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