[Samba] Guest account problem ... please help

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Tue Nov 29 00:38:36 GMT 2005

Hi Rick,

> It's as if the "samba" user is not even coming into play, although
> I've taken measures to insure that's the user used for when
> connections are made to the Samba server.  Very strange.  What do you
> think?

Are you 100% sure you're logging in to the server as the correct user?
I had Samba set up to map to the guest user for a bad password which
got me.

You should be able to run "net status sessions" or "net status shares"
to see who's actually connected to the share.  Hopefully this will be
the username you're expecting.  You could also try creating a file from
the Windows box (in a chmod 777 folder if necessary) - this new file
will tell you for sure what credentials Samba is using when connected
as that user.


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