[Samba] NT clients syncronyzing in a Samba PDC Domain

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Mon Nov 28 22:02:52 GMT 2005

On Mon, 2005-11-28 at 12:45 -0200, Joel Franco wrote:
> Hi,
> Plz, i have installed a Samba NT PDC Domain with XP Prof. and strangelly
> the machines are syncronizing with the Samba Server when the user Logoff
> of the domain. I've used the smb.conf below in others domains and XP
> clients have never synchronized before. 
> I understand that i'm not using roaming profile, because the logon
> path is empty. The only difference in this domain is that i'm using
> winbind to the remote domain users (that is a trusted domain) be able to
> print in my domain.
> The message is something like: "syncronizing \\server\username in
> SERVER". This happens just after logoff.
> Someone plz can say me what is this and how i disable it?

The problem is the offline file support in WinXP.  I had much pain with
this, and in theory you should be able to disable this support with the
'csc policy' parameter.  

I had no end of pain with that (but perhaps I never set it right...), so
I ended up setting a system policy to disable offline files.

I used this in my .adm file for poledit:

CATEGORY !!OfflineFiles
        POLICY !!OfflineFileControl
        KEYNAME Software\Policies\Microsoft\NetCache
                PART !!DisableOfflineFiles CHECKBOX
                        VALUENAME "Enabled"
                        VALUEON NUMERIC 0
                        VALUEOFF NUMERIC 1
                END PART
        END POLICY
        POLICY !!OfflineFileControlKey
        KEYNAME Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\NetCache
                PART !!DisableOfflineFilesKey CHECKBOX
                        VALUENAME "Enabled"
                        VALUEON NUMERIC 1
                        VALUEOFF NUMERIC 0
                END PART
        END POLICY

OfflineFiles="Offline Files"
OfflineFileControl="Control Offline Files (Policy)"
OfflineFileControlKey="Control Offline Files (Key)"
DisableOfflineFiles="Disable Offline Files (Policy)"
DisableOfflineFilesKey="Disable Offline Files (Key)"

Andrew Bartlett

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