[Samba] roaming profiles, not roaming

Jack Mendez jmendez at vips4kids.org
Mon Nov 28 18:35:09 GMT 2005

> If that is the case, what happens when you log on as that user on system
> A?
the user is able to log on but the profile does not download
what actually happens is that the system loads   what looks like a profile
from the local system.
very similar to a default local profile that one would get when installing
a fresh copy of xp.

On Mon, November 28, 2005 12:47 pm, Craig White said:
> Re-arranging top post to bottom for ease of replying...
> On Mon, 2005-11-28 at 11:45 -0500, Jack Mendez wrote:
>> On Mon, November 21, 2005 7:28 pm, Craig White said:
>> > On Mon, 2005-11-21 at 18:21 -0500, Jack Mendez wrote:
>> >> the profiles get saved ack to the samba machine no problem, its just
>> >> when
>> >> the user moves to a different machine that the correct profiles does
>> not
>> >> get downloaded
>> >> the profiles are owned by username.group.
>> > ----
>> > Then it would seem to me that the possibilities...
>> >
>> > the other machines aren't properly joined to the domain.
>> > or
>> > the profile that is on the system that is working is not set to roam
>> at
>> > all...verify...Start->Settings->Control Panel->System->Advanced->User
>> > Profiles->Settings
>> >
>> > Is the type for the user 'roaming' ?
>> >
>> > How about another user account on one of the other machines...log in,
>> > log out...does profile get saved to server? Does profile get loaded to
>> > first machine?
>> >
> ----
>> i did verify that the profile was in fact a roaming profile
>> the profile downloads just fine from the system that we first logon too
>> with that user.
> ----
> for clarity purposes, let's call this system A
> ----
>> any changes made with the same user on the original system do get saved
>> to
>> the server, i had a look in the /profiles/user name/Desktop directory
>> for
>> files we placed on the desktop after logging off, the files are on the
>> server.
> ----
> good - system A seems to have roaming profiles that save back onto
> server as expected
> ----
>> when we go to another machine configured exactly the same way log on as
>> that same user not does the profile not load but what looks like a local
>> xp profile loads.
> ----
> let's call this system B
> You can verify if profile is local or roaming using method I described
> above. You can verify if changes are saved to server in manner similar
> to how you tested the user on system A
> ----
>> i also tried making a new user on the smb box logging on with the same
>> system which was displaying the wrong profile, and it woks fine, as long
>> as the profile gets downloaded from the same system that it initially
>> worked on, it seems to work fine.
>> i am stumped.
> -----
> I am unclear here...you created a new user. Logged into system B with
> this user and profile is indeed 'roaming' as indicated by
> Start->Settings->Control Panels->System->Advanced->User Profiles-
>>Settings? And at logoff, the user profile is uploaded to samba server?
> If that is the case, what happens when you log on as that user on system
> A?
> Craig
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