[Samba] Creating domain list takes too long

Lee Ball lee at effective-it.co.uk
Mon Nov 28 17:18:46 GMT 2005

I have seen this happen on a domain without a Samba server on the 
network. The only way I found to skip this step is Ctrl+Alt+Del and they 
are listed. I've just put it down to one of those quirks of Microsoft 
Windows but its definatly not a Samba issue.

Taolizhong wrote:

>Hello --
>  We have a LAN that consists of a samba domain controller and a bunch of  PCs.  The samba version is 3.0.20b and the PCs are running Windows XP (sp2).  The Windows clients can join the domain without any problem, however,  a message saying "Please wait while the domain list is created" shows up right after the first time after the clients join the domain and reboot. This procedure of creating the domain list takes a very very long time.  I wonder if  there is a way to reduce it.
>  Thanks,
>  --Lingtao
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