[Samba] NT/UNIX username mapping possible directly via tdbsam?

Dominik Schuppli dom at rave.ch
Mon Nov 28 13:14:08 GMT 2005

Hello everyone,

I've been wondering if NT and UNIX username mapping can be done directly
via the SAM database instead of the 'username map = <filename>' option
in smb.conf.

The problem with 'username map' files is that the mappings seem to work
only in one direction, namely from NT towards UNIX usernames. However,
I'd like to achieve a true, bi-directional one-to-one mapping, e.g.
between UNIX username 'root' and NT username 'Administrator'.

The command 'pdbedit -Lv <username>' shows separate fields for both UNIX
and NT usernames. (I'm using the tdbsam backend, btw.) Will Samba
operate correctly if those entries contain different usernames?

I've enhanced 'pdbedit' on my system so that it allows manipulation of
the 'NT username' field. Is this smart or stupid? I haven't yet had the
opportunity to try this in a working Samba environment. Maybe someone
has technical advice or knowledge on what I'm trying to do?



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