[Samba] Best way to upgrade domain from control by 2.2.5 PDC to control by 3.0.20b PDC

Kevin samba at gnosys.biz
Sat Nov 26 02:33:19 GMT 2005

Thanks for your reply, Craig.

Craig White wrote:
>>My first question for the list is: which one of these methods is likely
>>to be least problematic and least time-consuming?
> ----
> least problematic and least time consuming would probably involve making
> sure that all of the user profiles are set to local, setting up new
> samba 3/ldap and re-joining the computers to the new domain and then
> migrating the user profiles back to roaming on the new domain if
> desired.
> ----

Really!?  I would've thought that to be the most problematic and most

The general description you've given here is helpful, but... would I be
looking a gift horse in the mouth by asking for a more detailed description?

Or is there such a description in the docs somewhere that I've missed?
After reading my Using Samba book from O'Reilly and browsing the
Official HowTo, I don't find one.

I do see this:

Disabling Roaming Profile Support


In smb.conf

    Affect the following settings and ALL clients will be forced to use
a local profile: logon home = and logon path =

    The arguments to these parameters must be left blank. It is
necessary to include the = sign to specifically assign the empty value.

The text formatting may be making that statement a little confusing to
me.  Should I read that as:

logon home =
logon path =

Just want to make sure.

If I do this and take the old PDC offline, users will still be able to
login?  I thought the user profiles were just the files to make up the
user desktop; not the authentication credentials.  Perhaps I'm mistaken
on that point.

And won't rejoining the computers to the new domain end up renaming all
of the users' local directory structures (under the "Documents and
Settings" folder on the local windows client) and thereby making the
users' locally stored data inaccessible to them?  I seem to recall this
happening when I've rejoined computer clients to a new domain in the past.

Setting up the new samba 3/ldap domain I'm sure I'll find well
documented, but it seems to me that in upgrading, I'll have a host of
issues to deal with that someone setting up a brand new samba 3/ldap
domain wouldn't have to worry about.

> ----
> samba 2.x.x doesn't support BDC
> ----

I thought that 2.2.x introduced some BDC functionality.  No?

Thanks for your thoughts, Craig.


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