[Samba] The "single WINS" problem

Andreas Hasenack ahasenack at terra.com.br
Sat Nov 26 00:41:42 GMT 2005

Em Sexta 25 Novembro 2005 21:45, John H Terpstra escreveu:
> With all due respect, I belive that your alarm and concern is a little 
> excessive. 
> What sort of response are you looking for? What are you hoping to achieve 
> from  
> your request?

The point is not how often the wins service (or its machine) fails, but what 
happens to the rest of the network when it does. Considering netbios name 
resolution is not just about mapping name->IP, but also about locating 
services (who is the logon server? who is the domain master browser?), a 
single wins makes the windows network, which is already fragile, even more 
I've seen a wins server fail (kernel panic), and it wasn't pretty to the rest 
of the network.

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