[Samba] get_users_in_group bug on Solaris

hugo hugo at aardvarks-and-platypus.com
Fri Nov 25 15:13:15 GMT 2005

Hi List

I have been trying to setup a very basic (basic as in it's using the
simple config from the HOWTO) to tryout 3.0.20b on Solaris 8.

The problems I have had have all revolved around the new (samba-3) feature
"add user to group script" option. I could be well off the mark here but I
think I may have found a bug - everyone else clearly thinks I'm mad as the
only replies I've had run along the lines of "well it works for me".

Basically Samba never calls the script for local groups and is broken for
domain groups.

After some further testing and code spelunking (I'm not a programmer so I
could be well wrong) I have found that the smb_add_user_group() function
is never called when adding a user to a local group, but it is called when
adding a user to a domain group. However, when adding a user to a DOMAIN
group (samba does call the script and it works) but returns the

I've tracked this problem with adding to Domain groups down to the
get_users_in_group function in lib/util_getent.c

The "broken" section is the #if section that starts

#if !defined(BROKEN_GETGRNAM)

Now according to the comments (not many in the files) TRU64 Unix has a
Broken GETGRNAM function. This is Solaris 8 so I would've thought that
BROKEN_GETGRNAM should *not* be defined.

If I manually edit the code to remove the '!' to force it to call the
"correct" section of code all of a sudden as if by magic I can add users
to domain groups.

I still have not figured out why the code is *never* called for adding to
local groups but now assume it must be a similar "bug" - don't think I'd
be so lucky that simply properly undefining BROKEN_GETGRNAM would sort
this problem.

Naturally I appreciate many people will simple dismiss this missive on the
grounds "He's clearly mad - it works for me" but I suspect it probably
only works on Linux and not SOlaris.

I am pretty confident that it is not me who has loused things up. I only
configured samba with:

./configure --with-acl-support

and then compiled and installed.

I have only tried my fix against 3.0.20b but in my investigations I have
compiled 3.0.11, 3.0.12,3.0.14 all with Sun Workshop compiler 5.1 and GCC
3.x (whatever is the most recent on Sunfreeware). I have also used the
3.0.10 package from Sunfreeware.

ALL exhibit exactly the same problems: the "add user to group script"
funciton doesn't work (not at all for local groups, or properly for domain

I would really truly appreciate if someone could tell me why the
smb_add_user_group() function is never ever called when adding users to
local groups (ON SOLARIS) with a mind to fixing it. I'm not a developer, I
don't know how debuggers work, and I hate crawling through C code - I have
found what I have by several days worth of crawling through logs, grepping
C code. I'm sure a developer could just say "OH, you want function <blah>
in file <x>" in a matter of minutes (I know plenty of people spend days
crawling through logs and C code but that kinda stuff would take me
several life times).

Help, please.


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