[Samba] Samba benefits.

Meli Marco Marco.Meli at gknsintermetals.com
Fri Nov 25 07:57:40 GMT 2005

First of all, excuse me if this topic could be already posted in the past
but I can't believed on that.
I'm working for a big company which have some plants in America and
Europe.Americans plants works prevalently with MS Server while Europe plants
works on both MS and Linux-Samba.Our rightly compromise was to keep both
systems work togheter (samba domain member).
My samba file server running fine and it doesn't gave me any problems.
Actually someone start a challenge between Ms and Samba, so I have report
benefits about it and I'm asking you if you have some links where I can find
technical informations about performance benefints and any others stuff to
confirm that Samba is better than W3K.
I already know that are two OS quite differents and some things are better
for Samba and others are better for W3K, and just in front of the fact the
first one is totally free.This is ones of the big benefits!
I hope you have got the picture.
Thanks a lot.

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