[Samba] pdc machine (nt) changes sometimes

Marcos Antonio Dellazari marcos at prognus.com.br
Thu Nov 24 16:41:53 GMT 2005

Hi all,

Here my problem, I'm in a network of 3000 machines. We have about 100
Linux boxes (Ubuntu Breezy).

My PDC is a NT4. When something bad happen, my "brilliants" network
administrators changes the PDC
to another machine. Well, the windows machines, at boot time, discover
in the network the PDC to
authenticate. I'm authenticating on LDAP, but I need the WINS and Master
Browser to navigate in
the windows network. How can do the same thing?

I'm having this problem with pam_mount too. I have to map the personal
areas, and this areas are migrated
with the PDC, in the pam_mount.conf the server are set static.

Well, thanks everybody.

Marcos Antonio Dellazari
(45) 3520-6795
Prognus Software Livre

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