[Samba] login script never executed

initiators at free.fr initiators at free.fr
Thu Nov 24 16:18:27 GMT 2005

The logon script is now really never executed.

I've done some more tests :
- I've tested to set the parameters "home directory" "home dir drive"
and "profile path" in tdbsam, these 3 parameters work fine.
- I've tested to mount the netlogon share from a PC not member of the
domain (as guest), it's OK. And tested to run it from a DOS prompt
(C:\>\\server\netlogon\logon.bat), it's OK.
- I've "rm -rf" the netlogon directory, recreated it, and put a logon
script written on a Windows PC.
- I've made sure the session password is verified on the Samba server
and not from a locally cached password. I've setup the number of cached
password to 0, unplugged the network cable to check I have a "no domain
controller found error", replugged the cable and opened my session.

Still no luck, can't get this logon script to work.
Has anyone some ideas ?


initiators at free.fr wrote:
> Hello
> I have a really strange problem with logon scripts.
> I'm using a version 3.0.20b .deb found on samba.org on a Debian Sarge,
> and a tdbsam backend.
> 1) I had no "logon script" in the smb.conf file just the per user
> setting in the tdbsam. Full path to logon script given in tdbsam (e.g.
> \\server\netlogon\logon.bat). I can mount the netlogon share, access
> rigths are good, and I can check the file has DOS style CR/LF.
> What I tested :
> - I change the login script setting in tdbsam (e.g.
> \\server\netlogon\logon2.bat)
> - I open a session on a PC member of the domain (Windows XP SP2)
> - the login script is executed
> - I logoff then I logon again
> - the login script is not executed and will never be executed again when
> I logon
> - I change the login script setting in tdbsam (e.g.
> \\server\netlogon\logon3.bat)
> - the first time I open a session the script is executed
> - it's never executed again, unless I change the setting again
> 2) I tried to set logon script parameter in tdbsam with a relative path
> (e.g. logon.bat), never worked as expected.
> 3) I tried to set a "login script" parameter in smb.conf (with a
> relative path from the netlogon share) without removing the "login
> script" parameter in tdbsam. Same result a in part 1, only works for the
> first logon after a parameter change.
> 4) I tried to set a "login script" parameter in smb.conf removing the
> logon script parameter from tdbsam, never worked.
> Same thing with another user user on the same computer, same thing on
> another computer.
> If I go in /var/log/samba/testpc.log I have lines :
> - connect to service netlogon initially as user testuser
> - closed connection to service netlogon
> I always have these, the login script being executed or not.
> Has anyone some suggestions on this one ?
> Thanks in advance

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