[Samba] Problems with ls and find on NetApp Server

Christoph.Rademacher at flydba.com Christoph.Rademacher at flydba.com
Thu Nov 24 10:08:50 GMT 2005


we are using Samba Client to connect to cifs shares of a Network Appliance
file server.
In 80 % of the cases i do a ls, I always get an

user at server:/dir/on/filer> ls
ls: reading directory .: Cannot allocate memory


Using ls on local filesystem or on Win2k smb shares works without a
I have a attached a trace to this message.
(See attached file: strace.txt)

We use Samba 3.0.20b on SuSE Linux 9.2 with 2.6.8 Kernel.

I hope that someone can help me out with this Problem.

Kind regards

Christoph Rademacher

IT Department
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