hugo hugo at aardvarks-and-platypus.com
Thu Nov 24 09:08:59 GMT 2005

Craig White wrote:
> ----
> what the various scripts do is entirely under your control and they
> could actually modify the posix attributes/group memberships if desired.
> samba provides the scripts as hooks to the UNIX/Linux system and with
> the variables that are passed via the scripts, you should be able to do
> what you want.
> You probably should be using ldap passdb as once you get through the
> learning curve of ldap, you can get single source account management for
> both samba and posix attributes.
> Craig


Thanks for the reply Craig. How you describe the scripts is how I would
have thought that they worked. However, the "Add User to Group Script"
option definately does not work (for me) as in it is never called by

I don't know if it makes a difference but the groups that I am adding to
are marked as "LOCAL" groups as in:

net groupmap ntgroup="Samba Test Group" type=l unixgroup=testgrp

When I've tried domain groups (even though this simple server is a
standalone) when I try to add a member to one of those I get some horrible
error from samba whittering on about the user not being in the group. I
guess that is something to do with the fact the server is not really a
domain server (member or PDC).

At the moment I am not even going to bother with LDAP on the grounds if I
cannot get a trivial example test server working then there's no point.
All I'll have is a lovely LDAP'ified Samba server that still doesn't call
"Add User to Group" scripts to put people in the groups now stored in
LDAP. Defeatist I know.

Unless you're implying that the only way these scripts all work (as in get
called by samba) is if it is working against ldap passdb?

Many thanks


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