[Samba] winbind auth using ADS with domain trusts

Shaun Kruger shaun.kruger at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 21:03:23 GMT 2005

In reading the documentation I havn't found anything that covers the use of
winbindd when authenticating against one domain (lets call it 'A') while
also allowing users from a domain trusted by A (lets call it 'B').

My linux box is a member server in domain A which is a new domain we are
working on transitioning to.  We are not renaming because 2k server doesn't
have that ability.  Domain B is the old domain half of the users are still
using.  I want the users in domain B to be able to use shares on the linux
box.  On my linux box I can use wbinfo -u to get a list of users in domain
A, but I only get machine accounts listed in domain B.

How can I get winbind to be able to authenticate users in both domains not
just users in one and machine accounts in the trusted?

Also, if this is covered in the manual and I have just missed it please let
me know where it is.  I have been searching for a while.


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